26 April 2008

Why Haiti starves: USA wiped out its farms

Forced to accept competition from subsidized American rice, Haitian farmers could not survive.

This, of course, is in part the problem of Zimbabwe, though far more damage was done to Zimbabwe's agriculture and economy by its own government.

Hat-tip to Monte Asbury.
the United States and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, all of which we, the United States, dominate, have for the last twenty-five, thirty years have insisted that in order to get the loans, which Haiti and these other countries, agricultural countries, need,
Haiti had to change their economic system so that their country was open to competition from other countries on agriculture
thirty years ago, Haiti imported almost no rice, was an exporter of sugar and other things. Today, Haiti imports nearly all of its rice.
rice from the United States
at low or below cost—
and destroyed the ability of farmers in Haiti to be able to grow rice. And as a consequence, the country now depends totally on imported rice. Cost of import—cost of rice around the world has gone up over 100 percent since January.
the people of the United States have no idea that
our government has destroyed not just Haiti, but the agricultural bases of lots and lots of very poor countries
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The Scylding said...

I'm a bit overwhemed with work right now, but go see how the Cubans dealt with a food crisis a decade ago - there is a good lesson to be learnt. I hope to include it in a future number of my McPottage blogging series...

Monte said...

Thanks for the link!


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