09 April 2008

Blogrolling -- an improvement?

I've used Blogrolling almost since I started this blog to keep a list of blogs I want to read again.

The trouble is that sometimes one visits a blog and finds that on each visit it hasn't been updated. That wastes bandwidth, and with bandwidth caps it's best not to do that.

Then I noticed it had a thing that shows which blogs had new posts. I don't know if it's an improvement, or if it has been there all along and I just hadn't noticed it before, but I've found it very useful. Now I don't need to waste time and bandwidth looking at blogs that haven't been updated.

The only problem is that it doesn't seem to work too well with Typepad blogs. A couple of my blogging friends use Typepad, and when they update their blogs, it doesn't seem to show up in Blogrolling. Oh well, I must remember to look at them even if they don't have a "New" next to them.

But I've generally found it useful. I'm not wasting time and bandwidth looking at blogs that haven't been updated, and I'm not missing interesting posts on ones that have.

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The young fogey said...

My list of blog friends is in Blogrolling and I like it. The timestamp (when I don't add a note to the link) is nice.

That and Firefox's live bookmarks (I've never used a proper aggregator - I don't need to) make keeping up with one's favourite sites so much easier.

None of my regular reads use Typepad.


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