29 April 2008

The Poor Mouth: The plagiarising Polish priest prison palaver.

The Poor Mouth: The plagiarising Polish priest prison palaver.:
Poland's 28,000 Roman Catholic priests have been told by church authorities that they may be fined if they are discovered to have plagiarised their sermons from the internet, and could even face up to three years in prison. The church has published a self-help book on writing sermons to lure parish priests away from stealing the words of their fellow clergy.

Meanwhile, back home, our bishop sends out weekly printed sermons every week for the clergy to read. He doesn't write them all himself -- he asks other clergy to take a hand in writing them, but it's a very different attitude to the Polish one.


jams o donnell said...

I'm glad you found my post interesting. To be honest I can't understand what the Polish Church is so annoyed about

Steve Hayes said...


It was the contrast with what happens here that made it so interesting to me.


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