10 April 2008

Best Orthodox Christian Blogs

If you scroll down on the sidebar of this blog you'll find a list of "Top theology blogs". It's interesting, but there are very few Orthodox blogs listed there, and I thought I'd create a list of Orthodox Christian blogs, and added some of my favourite ones.


The feature on Amazon has been discontinued, so there's not much point in wasting your time in it. This post is retained for historical interest only.

But if you are looking for something similar, have a look here.


The list is not exhaustive, and doesn't even have all the Orthodox blogs I read. But it's a start, and anyone who would like to add more is welcome to do so, and to comment on them. If you add a blog, please don't forget to add the URL so that others can find it.

Update - NB

To add a blog, enter the NAME of the blog or web journal you want to add, and click on "ADD".

When it has been added, click on the "Add link" and add the URL of the blog or web journal. DON'T put the URL in the name field, because clicking on it won't take you to the blog, but only to the description of it on the Unspun site. Items on the list that are not blogs or web journals, or have no links to the URL, will be removed.

See the comments below for more information, or if you want to ask questions about this.

You can find the list of Best Orthodox Christian blogs here.


Yewtree said...

That's quite a nifty tool, think I might try something like that for Pagan blogs.

Anonymous said...

I never could figure out the appeal of blogging. But before you react to that by assuming I am a technical luddite, let me point out that I was already using FTP on the Net since 1982, and NNTP since about 1988.

Of course, I have heard all the complaints about the blogosphere, how people take advantage of the faceless interaction to say things they would know better than to say in person. I've even been accused of such behavior myself in other Net forums;)

But I have to expect that blogging is particularly difficult to keep consistent with the Orthodox understanding of how we should use the power of speech, which seems to be dominated by a radical interpetation of Prov 10:19: if few words is best, then none must be absolutely wonderful. This is the opposite of the usual behavior in the blogosphere.

So the question is: how is the understanding of how we Orhtodox should use the power of speech taken into consideration when considering a blog for this list?

Sue said...

I'm not entirely sure if you mean blogs about Orthodox issues/theology, or blogs by people in the Orthodox church. If the latter, you might want to consider the fascinating blog http://hogwartsprofessor.com/ which basically looks at Christian issues alongside the Harry Potter books.

I hadn't realised until buying one of his books that John Granger is Greek Orthodox - there were several clues in the book, and I found confirmation of this in his wikipedia entry.

Anonymous said...

Orthodoxytoday.org does not belong on this list. It is not an Orthodox blog but rather a Right-wing political soapbox.

If you don't believe me, look at how many 'blog' entries are about Clinton, Obama and democrats in general. The right wing nutjobs who run this site hide behind Orthodoxy and HATE others openly. It is shameful.

No, I am far from being a demoncrat.. I just don't think this hateful nonsense should masquerade as a blog about Orthodox Christianity. There is enough misrepresentation of our Faith on the internet already.

I am Anon becuase I don't have a blogsite login.

Steve Hayes said...

I will be removing some items from the list, including orthodoxy.org.

To be on the list, the entry concerned must:

1) Be a blog or web journal, with a blog name

2) Be written by Orthodox Christians, and have at least some posts about Orthodox Christianity

3) Must have the name of the blog (not the URL) in the list name field

4) Must have a clickable link to the actual blog, so that people can see what they are voting for.

If people blog about their political opinions, that's OK. People are entitled to express their opinions, for or against politicians and political parties and their policies. If people find those views intermperate or wrong or badly expressed, they can vote the blog down in the list.

But if the blogs have nothing to do with Orthodox Christianity, or are anti-Orthodox, then they don't belong on the list at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada,
Christ is Risen!

Looking for any materials, either on the 'Net or off, regarding "oikonomia".

Please reply to
[sustain_ability@123mail.org] or here.

Anonymous said...

hey hope you enloy mine

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with Anon's comment about Orthodoxytoday. They're racist too in that 9 out of 10 references to black americans are stereotypical and negative. I call them 'tsk tsk' articles designed to make folks feel better about their own people while supposedly sympathizing with the problems "those people" have.I've contacted editors about this multiple times,but have seen no change in forum content.
I say boycott them and notify the home churches of the clergy who write this crap of the negativity they're spewing to millions of people.
Mary, and if the editor Fr. Jacobse checks his email he can find me and write me.
Anonymous only because I can't remember my gmail password.

Anonymous said...


There is a new novel by R. Leo Olson that is based on the orthodox faith, specifically guardian angels, sacramental love and the aerial toll houses. It is called Sojourning with Angels: The Rise of Zazriel. You can find it on Amazon or at his web site: http://www.rleoolson.com

Kelly said...

Not that I am asking to be put on your list, I do want to draw your attention (and perhaps your reader's) to the blog my husband and I recently started. Thanks.


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