17 April 2008

MySpace is talking in tongues!

I tried to log in to MySpace today, and the log in screen was all in Spanish or Portuguese or some such language. So was every page I tried to go to.

I looked for something to click on to change the language, or at least find something that would help me find out how to change the default language, but of course all the help screens and FAQ files are in a foreign language that I don't understand.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Does anyone know how to choose the language in MySpace, and what the option is called in Spanish/Portuguese?


MDB said...

Hi Steve,

Had the same thing happen to me, but managed to find the answer. Go the bottom right, and click on Myspace International.

Then click on Reino Unido in the Europa block.

Hope that helps.


Steve Hayes said...


Thanks -- I managed to find a way of contacting MySpace help, and they recommended something that solved the problem.

I wonder how many others have had the same problem.


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