30 July 2006

Israel will achieve its goals in Lebanon

So says some spokesman on TV five minutes ago.

But what are their goals?

To judge from their behaviour over the last two weeks, they want to destroy the fragile democracy in Lebanon and replace it with an extreme militant Islamist government, which will have the dominant motive of revenge against Israel.

They, and the American government that provides them with precisioin weapons to deliberately kill children, are either completely evil or completely insane.

Why does the world need another militant Islamist government? Why is Israel, backed by the Bush-Blair Axis of Evil, so intent on creating such government in Lebanon and Iraq? What do they have to gain from it? What does the rest of the world have to gain from it?


Matt Stone said...

I think the world must be in the grip of a consensual hallucination. I can't explain it any other way.

Steve Hayes said...

Yup, stark raving bonkers.


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