04 July 2006

Death to the world lives

Someone has just written to me with this news:
some newly-illumined brothers in USA have received the blessing of Fr Damascene to resume the publication work of DTTW. Details from the editor are shared below:

Subscriptions for Death to the World are $6 for one year. Any additional issues are $2 a piece. You can send money or some kind of Check made out to Death to the World and send it to:

3505 Cadillac Avenue, G-3
Costa Mesa, United States, California, 92626

I look forward to seeing their own website but in the meantime contact can be made through this address.

The pilgrimage is described in the book Youth of the Apocalypse, and there is more about the Children of the burning heart, punx 2 monks and all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glory to God in all things!

Thank you very much Father Deacon for the advertisement. We just got back from a Protestant in Illinoi and got a very big response. We pray that DTTW will keep inspiring people to seek for truth amongst this modern age, to the glory of Christ's Holy Name!



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