20 May 2012

Old Blogger interface - a huge improvement

Recently my Blogger dashboard switched from the old interface to the new one, which I've been struggling with for the last few weeks.

Now someone has explained to me how you can get the old one back.

If you have had the new and degraded Blogger dashboard foisted on you, you can (at least for the time being) get the old one back.

There's a little cogwheel thingy up in the top righthand corner of the new and degraded Blogger dashboard.

Click on it and among the options that are revealed is the option to revert to the old and improved Blogger interface.

Hat-tip to a commenter on nourishing obscurity | Google/Blogger/WordPress’s kindergarten coders

Ah, bliss!

If the new interface is foisted on us, I predict another huge move to WordPress.

1 comment:

Chris Hall said...

James says that Wordpress has 'done a blogger' so it may seem the grass is not greener on the other side!

I think a blog post on alternative platforms may be called for.


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