15 May 2012

More dysfunctional e-mail - Gmail

Is anyone else having problems with this annoying pop-up in Gmail?

It covers several menu items, and half of it seems to be hidden behind the browser tool bar, so there is no way of knowing what it is about and apparently no way of getting rid of it except by saying "OK" to something that one does not understand.

And Google have really shot themselves in the foot with this one, because of the things that is behind that stupid pop-up is the menu item for their much-hyped Google+. I normally go to it through Gmail, after reading my mail. But now that they've blocked it off, I don't go there any more. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you hide all of your add on toolbars and refresh your browser, you should be able to see all of it. It is conflicting Java in the browser. Once you can read and get rid of it, re enable your toolbars.


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