23 May 2012

A guest post on my blog?

Today I have had three (apparently) different people sending me e-mails to follow-up on queries about whether I was interested having them write guest posts on my blog.

I vaguely remember having a spate of queries to that effect about a month ago, and deleting them as spam or a scam. But now there is a follow-up.

I find such requests bizzare.

It is dead easy to start your own blog.

You can do it in about 2 minutes right here on Blogger.

So what puzzles me is why these people (or this person) wants to write posts on my blog. Assuming they are three different people (but why do they all write on the same day?) that would mean three posts by other people on my blog. If they really want to do that, perhaps the three of them could all start their own blogs, and then write guest posts on each others blogs. It would probably really confuse the readers though.

A similar problem is the people who write long comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the posts they are commenting on. I don't mean spammers, I mean people who have a preach coming on. And with them, too, they could easily start their own blogs and air their views to their hearts' content.

But guest posts? I don't get it.

If someone writes something that I think is interesting, I'll link to it and blog about it-- that, after all, is what blogs are for. But why would they want to write it on my blog? I just don't get it.

But what makes me really suspicious is that they all three came on the same day. That seems to be the kind of stuff conspiracy theorists should be interested in.

Has anyone else been getting odd requests like this, in threes?


Guy @ Pretoria Kitchens said...

Guest posts are a way for a relatively unknown blogger to get some of your glory. Your traffic gets to see their post on your blog and a link to their blog or website is usually part of the deal.

It is not unknown. Sadly most people wanting to do guest posts are spammers.

James Higham said...

Would you like me to do a guest post on your blog, Steve? I work for a firm of Scottish underwriters - that should be relevant for your part of Za.

Greg said...

I agree with the first commenter. Now a days many spammers use guest posts to build backlinks to their site.But guest blogging is not a bad thing. Lifehack.org is a great blog and nearly all the posts are by guest bloggers.


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