26 January 2010

Iraq Inquiry witness lies through his teeth

A top Foreign Office legal advisor, Sir Michael Wood, told the British Iraq inquiry that the invasion of Iraq had no basis in international law, and that he had told government ministers that.

Fair enough, so far, so good.

But then he went on to contrast it with the 1999 Nato attack on Yugoslavia, which he said was justified because of the humanitarian situation, with hundreds of thousands of people being driven from their homes.

That is pure propaganda spin.

Yes, thousands of people were driven from their homes in that conflict, but only after the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia had begun.

That doesn't mean that driving people from their homes was a good thing, but the historical fact is that it was in retaliation for the Nato bombing, it was not the cause of reason for the Nato bombing.

Sir Michael Wood lied through his teeth.


Chris H said...

And he becomes one of many where it relates to Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Jugoslavia.

Matt Wardman said...

Popping over to say thanks for the comment at my place :-)

James Higham said...

This shows Them up for what they are and the merciful thing is that, having got away with this sort of thing for decades, they no longer can.


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