12 September 2009

Caster Semenya: a public theological response

Over the last couple of days the media worldwide have been full of speculation about athlete Caster Semenya's sex or gender or both, apparently triggered by the Australian media. Cobus van Wyngaard gives a theological response: Caster Semenya: a public theological response: my contemplations:
I cannot say that I’ve followed the Caster Semenya with the neccesary commitment to be able to give an informed opinion. As a Christian theologian, and as a human being, I can say that I experienced some discomfort when I read some of the newspaper articles, and the graphical way they were discussing the sexuality of a young teenage girl.

I can't say that I have thought about it much theologically, but I'm glad that Cobus has. I just think it's sad that a teenager should be subjected to having her genitalia discussed publicly in the media, and reports on gynecological tests being publicised in the media before she herself has seen them. It perhaps says something about the crassness of Australians, though the media in other countries have not been reluctant to retweet it.

It's also sad that there is a possibility that, depending on the actual results of the tests rather than media speculation, she may not be allowed to compete in the sports she loves in future. I hope that isn't the case.

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jams o donnell said...

She is a hugely talented athlete. I hope things are resolved and she can continue running


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