10 August 2009

Seminar - "How To Love Your Enemies".

Pragmatic - Eclectic: Seminar - this weekend - "How To Love Your Enemies".:
When was the last time you went to a Seminar on, How to love your enemies? How to bless those that curse you? Or, maybe, How to do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spit in your face? Here’s another – how to conduct our business or profession on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Now there's a thought -- it seems that these are not frequently to be seen among the topics for Christian self-help seminars, or among the titles of self-help books in bookshops. When can we expect one by Dr Phil or T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen? Don't hold your breath!


Tauratinswe said...

That's a seminar we all need to attend. We need more of them, but don't count on it -- they won't make enough money because those who can afford to fund them prefer the topic, "How to Get Rid of Your Enemies."

jams o donnell said...

Whether one is religious or not, the idea of being able to love one's enemies (fron a religious or secular standpoint) is something that would be worth a place on any school curriculum (why not start early!)

A far harder thing to do than kick the daylights out of them sadly


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