22 August 2009

Cheesy dreams

British Cheese Board - News:
The age old myth that cheese gives you nightmares has finally been laid to rest this week following the release of a new study carried out by the British Cheese Board.

The in-depth Cheese & Dreams study, a first of its kind, reveals that eating cheese before bed will not only aid a good night’s sleep but different cheeses will in fact cause different types of dreams.

Of the 200 volunteers who participated in the week-long study, 72% slept well every night, 67% remembered their dreams and none recorded experiencing nightmares after eating a 20g piece of cheese half an hour before going to sleep.

A lot of people still believe the old wives tale that cheese gives you nightmares but this study endorses the scientific facts.

Hat-tip to Matushka Donna.

It makes interesting reading, but I'm still not sure about it. Twenty grammes doesn't sound like a lot of cheese to me. I find that if I eat pizza too soon before going to bed, it wakes me up, and it is better to give it a chance to digest first. I wonder if they should re-run the experiment with cooked cheese.


James Higham said...

Still, I'll avoid it last thing before retiring.

Tauratinswe said...

I don't have trouble with cheese, but pizza sauce will do a job on my stomach if I eat it too close to bedtime. Try pizza without cheese and pizza without sauce to see which wakes you. WAIT--it won't be pizza without both cheese and sauce. So much for that idea.

Anji said...

Thanks for isiting my blog (some time ago)

I'm trying to figure out where they found people who would eat just 20g of cheese! I don't know anyone who would make do with just that amount.


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