30 August 2008

Wireless hotspots

We've been on holiday for a couple of weeks, and have been without Internet access for much of the time. Then we went to stay in the Formula I hotel in Durban, which had signs in every room saying that it was a wireless hotspot on the Vodacom WirelessG network. I thought we might be able to catch up with e-mail and do a bit of blogging, but that proved to be a snare and a delusion.
Most of the time the signal ranged from "very weak" to nonexistent, and so all that one could see was a lot of messages saying that servers could not be found or had timed out. Eventually after two days of trying I've managed to connect, but how long it will last is anyone's guess.

Perhaps Vodacom need to beef up their transmitting power before they advertise their wireless hotspots.


Yewtree said...

Hi, I have nominated Notes from Underground for the I love your blog award.

Steve Hayes said...


Thanks for the kind words. I've jsut got home from holiday, so it'll take me a day or three to catch up.


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