21 August 2008

Did the devil make him do it?

The parents of a schoolby charged with killing a fellow pupil said that he was "into satanism", as did some newspaper headlines.

The trouble is, these allegations are tossed about, but never followed up. There were similar reports a few months ago in the Eastern Cape, but we have heard no more.
clipped from www.thetimes.co.za
The parents of Morne Harmse, accused of stabbing a fellow pupil to death with a sword, in their first public statement since the incident, said their son was a victim of bullying.

The Harmses said "to our regret, it seems like he had started experimenting with Satanism".

The mask he wore is said to be similar to masks worn by heavy metal band Slipknot which has been accused of producing Satanic music.

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Richard Catto said...

I think most South Africans are clueless as to what La Veyan Satanism is really all about.

Number 1 is that they don't worship Satan. In fact, they don't believe Satan even exists.

La Veyan Satanists are, in fact, atheists.

No sacrifice is entailed. Murder is not on the menu.

Rebelling against a Christian upbringing and committing all kinds of criminal acts are not what La Veyan Satanists stand for.

But the provincials, the local yokels, the ignorant religious Hill Billies of South Africa don't understand anything.

They are totally ignorant of what Satanism really is.

Steve Hayes said...


To be fair, none of the media reports I've seen have mentioned La Veyan Satanism at all, which started as a kind of joke religion like the Discordians, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the movement to write "Jedi Knight" as a religion in the Australian census.

La Vey tried to co-opt the term, but I don't think he could claim copyright on it, and I certainly saw no attempts to associate this incident with La Veyan Satanism.

What interests me though is the tendency to associate various kinds of bizarre behaviour with satanism (or the ordinary, rather than the La Veyan variety) without much evidence.

Psyrkus said...

It's not Satanism, and this kid was not possessed by fairy tale demons.

Quoted from my site (psyrkus.co.za):

"I can understand the kid's unintentional motives as it is all psychological and NOT influential.

I myself have been through phases in school where I had tribal markings drawn on my hands and Metal bands' names written on my school bag etc etc. It was more a matter of getting the general society around me to feel somewhat uneasy.

Morne Harmse (18 year old samurai sword bearing killer) seemingly went through the same phase but took it to an extreme.

I was raised by decent, loving parents who had the mercy not to get rid of me at birth. Parents and bands are not to be blamed for such rampages and psychological issues that spawn within these individuals. These kids should be listened to and their views should be praised and corrected where necessary (in a humane and decent way). They're creativity and self expression often gets rejected and this sense of rejection leads to rebellion against society. It is society that poses itself as a rejecting and uncaring following.

Blame yourself."

And the aftermath of this rampage can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a_nVJrx1m4


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