08 July 2007

Evo is coming - more meaningless hype

I was web surfing on Amatomu this morning and came across a site that claimed "Evo is coming the first social networking with substance!"

The trouble is that there was no substance at all -- just hype, hype, and more hype. And the site that it led you to was much the same -- no information, just hype. And on the original site comments are closed, so you can't even ask for information about what it is, or what it does.

It's a great opportunity, don't miss it!

Opportunity for what?

Only eight days left!

Eight days left for what?

You will make lots of money!

Make money from what, doing what?

It's a great opportunity! Don't miss it!

Why can't people just describe simply and clearly what it is and what it is supposed to do, instead of making exaggerated claims that are quite meaningless?

What we have here is a failure in communication.

So can anyone at all tell me what Evo is, what it does, what is the substance and what are the things that I "do on a daily basis" that it will help me to do better?

Or is it just snake oil?


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Anonymous said...

Just for your information in just under 13min I had 16 new user's register for Evo with that post and I know there are going to be people like you that are always thinking oh it's just hype? But when we are making money and you not we will see what was hype and what was not. It's all about taking opportunity's when you see them. You obviously haven't seen the video's yet because you have not registered yet. You are the prime example of the person that doesn't see an opportunity when it arrives? And another thing before you try and blog about someone's post? First do some research on their post or the person that is posting.

Steve Hayes said...

Why not just cut the bull and say, clearly and succinctly, what Evo is and what it does?

Then we can see what we are signing up for.

Words like "opportunity" are just hype. Where is the "substance" you talk about?

If you don't allow comments on questions on your blog, then you can't complain when people raise their questions and make their comments on their own blogs.


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