09 July 2007

Descent into hell -- Coinherence and substitution

This is a traditional blog post, mainly to link together some blog postings on a similar theme, and one I wrote myself, so it is literally a web log, a log of web sites seen.

They are linked by Charles Williams's notions of coinherence and substitution in his novel Descent into hell, some aspects of which are echoed in C.S. Lewis's novel That hideous strength.

In Losing my religion Father Stephen Freeman posts about how many small choices can hasten our descent into hell.

Iambic Admonit posts a review of Descent into hell.

The Inklings has a relevant excerpt from Descent into hell (and it's a blog well worth visiting for other Inklings stuff).

All these within the last few days.

In many ways Charles Williams has been the forgotten Inkling, not nearly as popular as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, but suddenly lots of people are talking about him.

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Arborfield said...

Nice idea Steve. As with all of CSW's writings, just an excerpt hardly does him justice so a 'collection' might be the answer -- feel free to use any of my stuff on the 'Inklings weblog'. My little DiH piece was the first that caught my imagination many years ago...

Roger R.


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