07 August 2020

Seeing if the new Blogger editor has improves

Trying to see if the new Blogger editor works. I typed a couple of paragraphgs in compose view but nothing appeared on the screen. Now in HTML view something appears but the previous sentence still has not appeared when I am typing a new one. This is absdolutely impossible to use. I am still looking at "now in HTNL something a" while I am typing this. New paragraph, but the first paragraph stioll has not appeared. I'll go away and make a cupt of coffeee, and maybe what I have tryped will appear on the screen when I come back. New paragraph. Now the first paragraph has appeared, and the first six wqords of the second pasragraph. Thisd, they say is an "improved user experience". Waiting three minutes to see what you've typed is an "improvememnt? I spelt that wrong, I think, but I can't correct it since I can't see it. Back from making coffee, and now I can see all three paragraphsd abover, but the user experience of waiting for text to appear is as exciting as watching paint dry.

PS, I've just discovered how to get the old editor back, at least until 24 August 2020.

So I'll be able to carry on blogging here until then. If things here haven't improved, I'll be back to blogging at Methodius Hayes's journal — LiveJournal: My other blogs at WordPress and Blogspot have become unusable because of their dysfunctional new editors. In February 2020 the WordPress editor became unusable.

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