28 June 2012

Blog and browser popularity

A couple of months ago I read in a news report that Chrome had overtaken Firefox and Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser. Not among readers of this blog, it hasn't!

Here are the latest stats for web page browsers used to view this blog:

A couple of months ago I also noticed a surprising increase in the number of readers of this blog apparently coming from Ukraine.

I thought that there might have been one or two posts that appealed to Ukrainian readers, but no, the trend has continued.

At first I thought it might be because I sometimes blog about the Orthodox Church, and there are Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and Russia, but I actually blog far more about the Orthodox Church on my other blog, Khanya, which had only five Ukrainian reader in the last month -- there were many more from other countries with substantial numbers of Orthodox Christians, such as Greece, Bulgaria. Serbia and Russia.

Visitors to Khanya blog for 30 days ending 2012-06-28

I haven't seen any comments from anyone from Ukraine to say why they like reading this blog rather than the other.

Or perhaps Blogger's statistics are just screwed up.


Sue said...

The trouble with blog stats, of course, is that it only takes accounts of people who actually visit the blog at the Blogspot URL. Increasing numbers of people read via feed readers of some kind - including me, though I had to come to the blog to post a comment. And I guess it's possible that Chrome readers might be more likely to use Google Reader to read other blogs. Indeed, other Blogger users might simply join the blog as followers and then read it in their own dashboard.

jams o donnell said...

There is a strange disparity between blogger's own numbers and those from statcounter. Blogger records about 50% more visits to the Poor Mouth.

One thing for sure though numbers of direct visitors seem to be dwindling and it's not just the Poor Mouth

Clarissa said...

In the meanwhile, I, a Ukrainian, keep getting huge numbers of visitors from South Africa and none from Ukraine.

This is inexplicable.

Steve Hayes said...

Yes, the Blogger and Statcounter figures are vastly different.

Blogger reports more than 2000 visitors from Ukraine, Statcountter reports only 2 in the past week. Something is being hacked somewhere.

James Higham said...

Definitely some mystical connection here.


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