10 August 2011

London's Burning: A Riot of Goodness

Yesterday news of the London riots prompted some negative thoughts about the British media, in me at least. But just to show that the the media are far from the real spirit of real people, here's a different side of the picture.

Opinionated Vicar: A Riot of Goodness:
Todays mass cleanups - whose turnout probably exceeds those of the riots by a large margin - have been inspiring. The #riotcleanup and @riotcleanup tags on Twitter have been humming, and when the BBC interviewed a vicar in Ealing earlier today she said that many of the would-be-cleaners had been sent home because there was nothing left for them to do, such was the volume of help.

So London, the city that is host to the 2012 Olympic Games, can show us a thing or two about ubuntu too.

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James Higham said...

Interesting that this is so close to the games.


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