15 August 2011

Has Christian anarchism become a "brand"

A Christian anarchist blogger reported seeing a shopping bag with what looked like a Christian anarchist symbol A Pinch of Salt: I guess it was bound to happen one day:
Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, I saw a young lady, obviously going to the city centre here in Amsterdam, carrying a black linen shopping bag with an encircled A on it. That, unfortunately, may be part of the modern marketing mix of rebellion (think of Levi's advertising a riot just in the days of the #ukriots).

This A within an O was different however. It had an extra vertical line through the horizontal line of the A, making it a cross symbol.

After doing some research, afraid that there might be a growing link between Christian anarchism and the consumer society, it appears that that is indeed the case. See here: Christian Anarchy Cross : Christian Anarchy Crucifix


Chris H said...

Your second link makes Christian Anarchism sound like an offshoot of the Tea Party!

jams o donnell said...

I keep on reading the title as Hans Christian Anarchism. I had visions of Thumbelina lobbing molotov cocktails and the inchworm taking a yard!

Steve Hayes said...

I'm not sure what the Tea Party stands for, but I thought that co-opting Christian anarchism as a marketing tool was a bit contrary to the spirit of the thing.

Chris H said...

Christian Anarchism™

Does it work?

Food for thought though, you could offer sponsorship for the eucharist? The commercial possibilities are endless.

James Higham said...

I don't believe there is Christian anarchism, conservatism, socialism or any -isms. I believe there is Christianity ... and there is not.


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