20 July 2011

Kentucky Fried Quidditch

6 Harry Potter Films According to Someone Who Never Saw Them | Cracked.com: "If you're anything like me, you've never read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie. Statistically speaking, you are nothing like me, as the latest installment of the Potter franchise is already poised to smash all relevant box office records, everywhere. (I should make it clear that when I say, 'relevant box office records,' I mean, 'only box office records that pertain to The Dark Knight.') Despite my lack of interest in and familiarity with the franchise, I'm not against the idea of it and I don't hate the people who love it or the cultural impact it's made (even though being a non-fan when a new movie comes out sort of feels like being the only Jewish kid during Christmas time). This franchise just missed me completely."

Franchise? What do you mean franchise?

No wonder you've never seen it -- it's a film, not a Bic Mac.

One you see at the bioscope, the other you buy at a hamburger joint.

Hat-tip to whatisname.

1 comment:

fingerman said...

Sorry my dear, major news channels like FOX and commentators call the Harry Potter thing a 'Franchise.' Soccer is franchised, Rugby is franchised. It is not just burgers and chicken.


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