13 March 2011

Dropbox - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy.

Various of my friends have invited me to join Dropbox - Online backup, file sync, and sharing made easy..

Unfortunately, when I go to the site, I'm, invited to "watch a video".

I don't want to "watch a video. I never watch videos on my computer because:
  1. They hog bandwidth
  2. They are jerky and incomprehensible and annoying
So can anyone tell me in plain language what Dropbox does, and why I should join it?

I've already received a notification from my ISP that I've used 80% of my monthly bandwidth (and the month isn't half gone yet), so I'm not going to watch a video when I know that I'll have to hear a second's incomprehensible sound, and wait ten seconds for the next bit to load and then watch another second. And find I've wasted all my bandwidth on such junk.


Dan Admin said...

I use and recommend you Handy Backup (http://www.handybackup.net). It provides both backup software and online backup services.

bigbluemeanie said...

The video is repetitive, and so I stopped watching after 40 seconds. Therefore I can't be sure, but I think it is something along the lines of Google Docs (backup and share your documents).

Chris H said...

In basic terms it backs up all documents and files you have in your Drpbox folder to their online servers. Any changes you make to those files will get reflected in the online backup. Only incremental changes though so the whole file doesn't get uploaded again.

You also have some sharing options and such like, never use them myself though.

Forget the video, just download the client and follow the instructions. There will be a lot of bandwidth used when you first use it as it needs to copy all of your Dropbox folder first off.

If you don't think that losing files is a big deal then you probably don't need it.

You only get 2Gb of free space, you can buy more or get more free space by getting other people to sign up.

James Higham said...

So can anyone tell me in plain language what Dropbox does, and why I should join it?

Another fad, Steve. Ignore it.

Steve Hayes said...

Well, I'm already a member of ScribD, and that seems to be enough document sharing to be getting on with.

Rockinthegrass (Pete Grassow) said...

dropbox is great:
especially when you use more than one computer (lapdop and desktop). It enables you to work on one at the office, and then work on another at home.
It is a folder that contains all your work - which can be accessed from anywhere. It also prevents the loss of material in the event of losing a computer. It waits for you in dropbox.


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