28 March 2011

Death of a serial killer

Is it a case of life imitating art, or is it an illustration of the adage "You can't make this stuff up"?

Sacto 9-1-1: Dorothea Puente, Sacramento's infamous landlady killer dies:
Dorothea Puente, the notorious F Street landlady convicted of killing her tenants and burying them in her backyard, died Sunday, state corrections officials said.

Puente, 82, had been seriously ill for months, and was transferred from the Central California Women's Facility near Chowchilla to an outside hospital in September 2010.

Even in a city with no shortage of infamous and gruesome murders, the Puente case stands out.

She was a sweet-looking, grandmotherly woman who ran a boarding house out of a rented two-story Victorian at 1426 F Street.

Puente began the business in 1980, renting out the top floor of the home, but she was sent to prison for three years for drugging her elderly tenants and stealing checks from them.

I wonder if she got the idea from Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring. I saw the film many years ago, and had always thought the book was written by Agatha Christie until I looked it up.

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James Higham said...

I'd thought it was Christie's.


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