12 August 2010

SA Blog Awards 2010

SA Blog Awards - Home:
The 2010 SA Blog Awards is scheduled for its annual process of nominations and voting this year are as follows:

* Nominations Phase:2nd August 2010 to 27th August 2010
* Voting Phase: 1st September to 17th September 2010
* Winners announced on 25 September 2010 at the annual awards ceremony provisionally at the One & Only hotel, Cape Town.

If you know any good South African blogs that you would like to nominate for the award, you can nominate them here.

I must confess that I have a problem with this, as most of the South African blogs I like don't really fit into any of the categories provided. The organisers provide an exceedingly narrow range of categories, which exclude the vast majority of the blogs I read. There are no categories for art, literature, religion, culture, society and so on. Yet another example of the ignoring of the humanities in "mainstream" culture.

They could at least have provided a "none of the above" category, or a "general/misc" category, but I suppose that's the problem of running an event with commercial sponsorship -- the categories are determined by what interests the sponsors rather than by what interests bloggers and blog readers.


Unknown said...
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Mthoko said...

I agree Steve, it is really a narrow choice. Somehow the sponsors need to be made aware of this.

James Higham said...

Sorted at our end.

Graham Downs said...

Well, I've just nominated methodius.blogspot.com for "Best Personal Blog." I think it fits your blog well, because you're not restricted to a single category anyway. :)


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