03 May 2010

Touch me on my studio - 11th most popular Twitter hashtag

Politics produces strange expressions and turns of phrase, and a political debate on the Africa 360 show last month led to the phrase "touch me on my studio" becoming the 11th most popular Twitter hashtag among South African Tweeters.

The phrase originated here: 'Don't touch me on my studio!' - Times LIVE:
But it was Maroleng's repeated statement to Visagie, 'Don't touch me on my studio, don't you dare touch me on my studio (sic),' and the AWB member's adamant response, 'I'll touch you on your studio', that left the country in stitches.

The recorded altercation, particularly the 'studio' phrase, became the joke of the day on YouTube, Twitter, e-mail and Facebook, with innuendos about what exactly Maroleng's studio was.

Hat-tip to Fascinating Social Networking (twitter) research on South Africa - Dion Forster - An uncommon path, who referred to the the report on Who is Your Average South African Tweeter? In Depth Charts And Analysis.

Then the British Financial Times posted a report on the Tory leader "speaking from a palette" while campaigning in the British general election, leading readers to speculate on whether he was using colourful language, or merely getting his shoes covered with paint.

FT.com / Reportage - On the campaign trail with David Cameron:
Cameron is at his best when he is at his most authentic. As he speaks from a palette in Wolverhampton’s Asda, it is immediately clear why, in spite of his problems during the campaign, he stands on the brink of power. In his shirt-sleeves, he drops in knowing references to football and popular culture and displays an impressive grasp of detail.

And if you speak to me from a palette, I'm warning you: I'll touch you on your studio.

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