10 May 2010

Our dogs kill a rat

This morning I went to the dentist at 9:30, was finished by 10:00, and got back home at about 10:15 to find that our dogs had killed a rat. A large rat. Or at least some kind of rodent.

That's our dog Ariel with the rat.

I'm just wondering what it was doing in the garden, and hoping it didn't have rabies. Perhaps I'd better take the dogs to the vet for jabs just in case.


Chris H said...

Tail looks a bit short for a rat or has Ariel been having a nibble?

Jashim said...

very interesting. thanx

Tauratinzwe said...

Looks like a mine sweeper to me. (Those Tanzanian rats used in Moçambique to detect mines.)

Any mines in your garden?

Yewtree said...

What an enormous rat - looks more like a capybara.

It looks as if it lost part of its tail in a previous scuffle.

Steve Hayes said...

I think it lost part of its tail in that scuffle.

We took the dogs to the vet to check that their rabies jabs were up to date, and when i described the animal to him he said it sounded lika a cassowary (though I think he meant a capybara, as he said they were only only found in South America. I showed him the picture of the animal, and he then said he thought it might be a water mongoose.

Is anyone familiar with water mongeese who can tell us if it is such a thing?

He didn't think there was much danger of rabies, but I thought I've never seen an animal like that in our garden before. Hedgehogs yes, but not large rodents. And when they leave their normal habitat it can be a sign of rabies.

The vet also said that there are about 700 deaths from rabies in South Africa every year -- human deaths, that is. One hears about Aids and malaria, but nobody says much about rabies. He said that recently a mongoose entered the sitting room in a house in Waterkloof (very upmarket suburb) and bit the family dog, and it turned out to have rabies.

James Higham said...

And hope it was the only one.

CherryPie said...

That reminds me of the time that cats killed the rats at the back of my flat!

Crikey - the rats were BIG!

Yewtree said...

Perhaps the rat-creature was confused.

Lady Banana said...

Ughh, that's not a nice looking rodent whatever it is!


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