08 February 2010

Christian organisations as bad employers

A year or two ago the blogosphere was buzzing over the antics of the Brewer Brothers, who took over the chain of SPCK bookshops in Britain, in the sname of a group that claimed to be an Orthodox mission organisation, and engaged in shady business practices, including treating employees very badly, and in a most unchristian manner. Now comes this: Crew of 9 at Episcopal Church Center abruptly fired; now they need a miracle:
They worked for years cleaning and maintaining the Episcopal Church Center in midtown Manhattan. But after they were fired on Dec. 30, nine hard-working people are in desperate need of divine intervention.

'We came to work on Dec. 30 as every day, hoping to leave a little earlier to celebrate the new year,' said Bronx native Héctor Miranda, a father of three. 'But when we got to the building we were told that we no longer worked there. Just like that. They picked the date well to fire us.'

Surely Christian organisations should set a better example in the way they treat employees?

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Tauratinswe said...

Too many justify their actions by claiming that the employees are doing a ministry and therefore are more like volunteers. Christian employers should set an example of just employment practices rather than exploitation. (Rather than the, "Lord, you keep them humble and we'll keep them poor" attitude of too many.)


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