28 May 2009

Blessed are the peacemakers

There are lots of computer war games available, but did you know that there are peace games as well?

Jim Forest, of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship, writes On Pilgrimage: from war games to peace games:
One of the things we talked about is a possible response to an annual military welcome-house at a Missouri army base. The event features a big tent in which kids are invited to play computer war games. It’s very popular.

An idea that emerged in our conversation is the possibility of setting up a peace games tent outside the base where, using borrowed laptop computers, kids (and parents) could play peace games.

Even if no peace game sells nearly as well as various war games, I was pleased to find that there are a lot of peace games out there.


Tauratinswe said...

This is an idea that needs to be carried out. I worked with a group of students once making a board game based on "Pilgrim's Progress" where the goal was to get everyone to the end of the journey rather than the first to finish wins. They loved developing it and playing it. Unfortunately, over the past30 years it's been lost. Programmers, that's a good theme for building a game.

Sally said...

love it!

James Higham said...

Blessed indeed.


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