14 May 2009

10 Reasons for Leaving the American Dream Behind

All over the internet you see these advertisements for "Green Cards" to emigrate to the USA. I'm not sure why they are advertising them, because you can apply for them free at any US consulate.

And here are ten reasons why people want to emigrate from the USA.

10 Reasons for Leaving the American Dream Behind ::
Bye-bye Miss American Pie. I am leaving soon. I still love you America … but, I think a long distance relationship suits us better. Why? Well, I’ve sat down and looked through my entire life in pursuit of the American Dream and this is what I’ve discovered

You'll have to visit the blog to see the reasons, and at least one of them might be a good reason for emigrating from South Africa -- a few years ago my wife was transferred by the firm she worked for to their Johannesburg head office and after a year she resigned, because she reckoned that over the next seven years she would spend a year of her life sitting in traffic jams. But you don't have to leave the country for that. I hear people are sometimes retiring to villages in the Karroo.

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