05 April 2009

Shell in court over alleged role in Nigeria executions

Shell in court over alleged role in Nigeria executions | The Observer:
Ken Saro-Wiwa swore that one day Shell, the oil giant, would answer for his death in a court of law. Next month, 14 years after his execution, the Nigerian environmental activist's dying wish is to be fulfilled.

In a New York federal court, Shell and one of its senior executives are to face charges that in the early 1990s in Nigeria they were complicit in human rights abuses, including summary execution and torture.

The Anglo-Dutch company, if found liable, could be forced to pay hundreds of millions of pounds in damages. No multinational has ever been found guilty of human rights abuses, although two previous cases saw major claims settled outside court.

Hat-tip to The Poor Mouth: Shell in court over Saro-Wiwa execution

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Yewtree said...

At last! It's about time they were brought to account. They are also riding roughshod over people and environment in Ireland. See Stop Shell in Mayo and Six arrests in Ballinaboy As 30 Enter Shell Site - Indymedia Ireland and SHELL TO SEA: The West's Awake!

A couple of people from the protest gave a presentation about it at a historical archaeology conference I went to, and said how they had linked up with the Nigerian protestors.


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