07 December 2008

Synchroblog on light and dark

Phil Wyman has issued a reminder that we are doing the next SynchroBlog this coming
Wednesday on the theme of "Light and Dark as Motifs of Spirituality."

Posts should be up by December 10th (the evening of the 9th is always a good time for North Americans to post, since the rest of the world is ahead)

How to get Involved

E-mail Phil Wyman with an affirmative letting him know that you are participating.

Also as soon as you have your blog posted send him the direct link to the post, and we will get you hooked up.

How to get the most out of it

Phil will send out list of links, and they can be added to the bottom of your own post. By having the list on your site, you ensure that you are networked together with all your fellow Synchies, and people who are following the synchroblog can just surf from one post to the next. As they finish reading one post they just click the next one on the list.

So, let Phil know if you are in, and send him your title and direct URL as soon as possible. Some won't know their URL until the day of posting, but that's cool, as long as you let Phil know that you are in, and let him have have your blog URL ahead of time.

This synchroblog also marks the beginning of the third year of synchroblogging.

Here are links to some of the posts already up:

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