23 November 2008

Britain: Eyewitnesses reveal Jean Charles De Menezes shot without warning

from most of the evidence given at the inquest so far, it seems that the police were behaving like terrorists.

Britain: Eyewitnesses reveal Jean Charles De Menezes shot without warning: "No commuters were called to give evidence at last year’s Metropolitan Police health and safety trial over the shooting. This is the first time they have told their stories in public. It is also the first time the two officers who shot de Menezes have given evidence. The inquest has been adjourned until December 1, when the coroner will begin summing up the evidence.

De Menezes was shot after being wrongly identified as a terrorist suspect on July 22, 2005, the day after the bungled terror attempt on the London underground, when four men left rucksacks packed with explosives on London’s transport network that failed to detonate."


bigbluemeanie said...

One of the worst things for me about the inquest were the police lining up to say that they can't see how they could have avoided the killing and there was nothing that could be done to ensure it didn't happen again.

No doubt this was to avoid admitting anything that could be used "against" them, but I think it shows a level of dishonesty on the part of the police involved. If not, then the entire policy needs to be overhauled.

Steve Hayes said...


That was what Ian Blair was reported as saying right after it happened -- that it would happen again and nothing could be done about it - and it was that comment of his that made me so interested in the inquest. That in effect turns the police into terrorists, and, from evidence given at the inquest, that is exactly what a lot of people present thought they were.


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