23 July 2008

Saint Stalin?

Could Josef Stalin be made a saint? - Telegraph:
The Communist party in St Petersburg has petitioned the Orthodox Church to canonise Josef Stalin if he wins a television poll to nominate the greatest Russian in history...

The Soviet dictator, who was responsible for the deaths of around 15 million people during his 31-year reign of terror, is in second place in online voting for the Name of Russia competition.

Stalin last week surrendered a narrow lead to Nicholas II in the contest, which is based on the BBC's Great Britons series.

Is that chutzpah, or what?

Who's next? Decius? Diocletian?


Anonymous said...

Stalin was arguably worse than Hitler... saint?

Yewtree said...

That's just the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

I hope the Orthodox Church said something massively dismissive.

Fr. Andrew said...

How bizarre. (He wasn't even Russian.)

Anonymous said...

Stalin was the greatest leader ever, and did great things for Russia, of course he should be made a saint. And the "15 million" figure is completely inaccurate, if you actually look at Moscow archives, the number comes to 4 million.


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