20 April 2007

May synchroblog - films, TV series etc

A few months ago John Smulo and Phil Wyman suggested that a few of us try to synchronise our blogs by posting on the same day on the same topic, which was syncretism . Each person posted, and Phil Wyman provided a list of links to the other synchrobloggers, which we also posted.

That was back in December 2006.

People found it interesting, so it was decided to do it monthly -- in January we blogged about spiritual warfare (see Notes from underground: Thoughts on Spiritual Warfare (synchroblog)), in February about love and so on. Not everyone could participate every month, but a couple more joined in most months. A mailing list was started to coordinate the arrangements -- mainly collecting and posting a list of the participating blogs and the titles of their synchroblog posts.

We've actually succeeded in adding a new word to the language -- -- because others have started synchroblogs too now.

The May synchroblog will be on the topic of film (which can be broadly interpreted as movies and TV series etc) and the Christian faith. This is mainly because a couple of synchrobloggers are ardent fans of horror flicks, and even have blogs dedicated to discussing them. In this case you people don't have to blog on horror films. It's open to discussion of all genres.

If you'd like to participate this time round, contact Mike (mike@hingston.demon.co.uk) and ask to be included in the mailing list, so you can see what other titles will be, and add your own to the list. Otherwise let Phil Wyman know by 10 May at the latest -- the name, title and the URL of your blog. The synchroblog usually takes place on the 12th-15th of the month.

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