04 January 2007

Another synchro-blog: Spiritual warfare

Last month a group of us posted a "synchroblog" -- several blogs dealing with the same general topic. Proved quite a stimulating exercise, and Phil Wyman has proposed that we do another one in January, this time on the theme "Spiritual warfare".

This is not an exclusive game -- anyone can join in. All you need to do is post something in your blog on the theme of "spiritual warfare" on 10 January, and let Phil know so that he can add you to the list.

The result is a number of posts on the same topic from different points of view.

There have already been a number of separate discussions on the topic (for mine, click on the "spiritual warfare" tag in the labels for this post, and it should bring them all up). The idea is to try to draw the threads together.


Anonymous said...


I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, a great way to gather us together for fellowship in blogging!
Thank you,

Steve Hayes said...

If anyone reading this woudl like to participate by posting on the topic of Spiritual Warfare in their blog on 10 January, please let Phil Wyman know beforehand by e-mail at:


Then he will send out a list a day or two before, which you can put at the end of your post on the topic. That means that when people have read your contribution, they can go on to one of the others.


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