25 January 2006

Vomit and other interesting things

I spent some time surfing other blogs today, just to see the kind of things people write about.

One noted that it was her blogiversary, and she had reviewed her blog for the year since she started it, and found she had posted eight times about vomit.

I had a look at my diaries for the last 40 years or so, and found three references to vomit.

23 Feb 1965 - went to Johannesburg station to catch a train back to university and had supper with my mother in a lousy vomit-yellow restaurant.

11 Jun 1967 - playing croquet on the lawn at St Chad's College, Durham, reading Justine by Lawrence Durrell, and noted that a friend had called it "gnostic vomit".

19 May 1971 - this deserves a quote, since it is a literal reference to vomit. It was in Windhoek, Namibia. "I went to see Lisa Schmidt who was sick and gave detailed descriptions of the times she had got up last night to vomit, and what she had vomited, right up to the last time she had vomited, which was 10 minutes ago. She didn't seem too miserable."

I don't seem to have had occasion to refer to vomit since then, so 8 times in a single year seems quite remarkable.

I also saw that several people wondered if they were wasting their life just blogging. Well, I could see how one could waste one's life reading other people's blogs, especially when they are writing about interesting stuff like vomit.

If anyone reads this blog because they did a search through blog search engines for references to vomit, I hope you'll let me know. Otherwise it might lie in decent obscurity for the next 35 years like my last reference to vomit.

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