07 January 2006

LibDem leader resigns

I saw on TV that Charles Kennedy, the leader of the British Liberal Democratic Party, has resigned.

I was rather sad about that, as under his leadership they did better in the last two elections than they had at any time in the last 80 years. And Charles Kennedy was notable for his principled opposition to the unneccssary and foolish war against Iraq, and also to such abuses of human rights as 90-day detention in Britain itself.

The news reports are saying he had a drink problem, and that there is some division in the LibDems about whether they should be social or economic liberals. I hope the leave the latter to the Tories, and that they can get their act together.

We were visiting Britain during the last general election there, and in fact were in Cornwall on the day itself, and Cornwall is a Tory and Labour-free zone.

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