27 March 2015

Reviving this blog

When Blogger introduced a new user-hostile blog editor, I moved this blog to a WordPress site here: Notes from Underground.

But now WordPress has introduced an even more user-hostile editor (which they call "an improved user expeience"). But it is very difficult to compose blog posts on that experience, and the only thing I experience is frustration, so I'm moving it back here, at least until Wordpress provides a proper editor instead of an unpleasant experiece.

One of the worst things about the Blogger editor is the loss of functionality, especially in posting pictures. It used to be possible to position pictures left, right or centre, but now one has to fiddle with the HTML code to do it, but even that is better that trying to edit stuff on the new WordPress experience.


Steve Hayes said...

Apologies to those who tried to comment and couldn't.

When I retired this blog two years ago, I disabled comments, as abandoned blogs often become targets for spammers.

When I revived it, I forgot to re-enable comments, and I hope that has now been rectified.

In case anyone is wondering how to restore the functionality of the old Blogger editor, at least for the purpose of including pictures, you need to edit the HTML code, and remove the "DIV" line at the beginning, and the closing "DIV" statement at the end, and then include 'align="left"' or 'align="right"' at the end of the URL.

I still don't know how to include captions, as the WordPress editor did.

CherryPie said...

If you click on the photo it should give you options underneath. One of the options is to 'add a caption'


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