15 February 2011

Mazes and labyrinths

Several of my blogging friends have written about mazes and labyrinths, so if any of them are reading this they might like to take a look at this post on Cherie's Place.

Cherie's Place - Leeds Castle – Maze:
...walked into the Maze. The puzzle was quite challenging and we thought we had tried all avenues to get to the centre, but we were still lost within the Maze. I decide we should test out plan B, a tested way to reach the centre of the labyrinth, it worked (it always has done in the past). One of my party members divulged what we had done to the ‘guardian of the labyrinth’ who advised that the thinking was erroneous and that, that strategy would only work from a certain point in the Maze…

I need to go back and test out the theory!!

Once in the centre of the labyrinth the only way out is via the underground grotto containing the elements of earth, air, fire and water; not to mention a legendary giant.

I'd love to know what the theory was!

Cherie writes about all sorts of things, including quite a lot about historic buildings, with photos.

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CherryPie said...

Thanks for the link :-)

In the film 'Labyrinth' it mentioned that if you were lost in a maze you should always keep turning in the same direction, to get to the centre (or the exit).

Before this maze I have never used the technique to get into a maze, but I have used to to get out again to save time ;-) I always turn right when I do this.

We got so lost in the Leeds Castle Maze, as did everyone else who was in there that I decided to try the technique, which worked.

But the steward at the maze gave a complicated explanation and said it only works from a certain point in that maze. I guess the pathways are set out differently to a normal maze.

I would love to see the aerial view of the pathways in this maze :-)


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