30 November 2010


Concerning the latest Wikileaks, my blogging friend Poliphilo over on LiveJournal says it all really Eroticdreambattle - Wikileaks:
Thus far there's been nothing in the Wikileaks revelations that comes as a huge surprise. The Saudis hate the Iranians, the US State department spies on the UN, Russia is a kleptocracy, China mounts attacks on the Web, most of the aid that enters Afghanistan goes straight into Swiss bank accounts, Netanyahu is slippery, Merkel is dull, Sarkozy a blowhard, Karzai weak and paranoid, Prince Andrew obnoxious . These aren't secrets that are being disclosed. At most they confirm our best guesses. As someone on a Guardian thread put it, 'Diplomats say in private what Joe Public thinks!'

And, as someone commented there, "...but during National Brotherhood Week"

Or The Merry Minuet.


James Higham said...

Yes and the idea that national security is somehow compromised is laughable.

jams o donnell said...

Your friend sums it up beautifully. The vast majority of the info seems to be an awful lot of very little


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