13 February 2009

How the recession will affect the motor industry

How the recession will affect the motor industry.

First the oil price soared to over $US 130 a barrel. Then people stopped buying big cars. Then they stopped buying smaller cars. Then the motor manufacturers started laying off workers and getting bail outs. Then the steel industry began feeling the pinch. Hope the oil speculators are happy.

How will it affect Jeremy Clarkson?


Hat-tip to Posh Totty -- and there's more where that came from.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could wake the old wagon industry up and shift those dismissed workers there! How wonderful that would be to see those lovely horses back on the roads, eating grass and shi**ing everywhere.
Now seriously.. who needs that many cars? Give people affordable and save public transportation, educate them and they will use it. No need for 2 cars per family.

Magotty Man said...

Julie - maybe over there in Toronto, but if you love in small-town Saskatchewan, and one parent is away at work, it is really helpful when the other can fetch the kids etc, when the mercury hovers around -50.... and we had that this winter. Public transport to small towns in vast areas just ain't going to happen. The cost/benefit exercise will just not work, no matter how generous government feels.

However, in the big cities, it might be quite possible to do away with cars to a large extent - I have travelled in Vancouver, and the skytrain is very nice...


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