17 September 2007

What has floor-crossing achieved?

They are asking this question on the After 8 debate on SAFM this morning: what has the floor-crossing archieved?

Do they really have to ask?

We all know what it has achieved:
  • voter apathy
  • the replacement of "the people shall govern" by "the politicians shall govern"
  • government of the people, by the politicians, for the politicians
  • a banana republic
The last is based on the similarity between politicians and a bunch of bananas - they are all yellow, they hang together, and there's not a straight one among them.

As long as the constitutional court allows crosstitution, South Africa will not be a democracy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Same things, even in the "European" Greece. U know, last Sunday there were national elections... Same things, as well.


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