11 April 2006

American civil religion

Our President which art in Washington,
May the U.S. empire be called after thy name.
Thy military come. Thy war be done in Iran, as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Give us this day our daily battle.
And forgive us our pacifism, as we ridicule the critics of your wars.
And lead us into combat, but deliver us from Muslims:
For thine is the army, and the navy, and the air force, until your term is up. Amen.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist nut, I'm seriously beginning to wonder whether George Bush is not the most convincing contender for "the Antichrist" that we've seen for a long time.

Anyway, check The Predident's Prayer to see who wrote it and why.

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Margaret said...

I very much like that prayer. I'm constantly amazed by the complete lack of relationship between Scriptural Christianity and American Fundamentalism, which claims so heavily to rely on Scripture.

And yes, I know all the reasons for why this is - historical and cultural and all like that there - but it still BOTHERS me.

And I'm just blown away by Iran. I cannot BELIEVE that they would be talking about "regime change" over there. My current theory is that the war in Iraq has gotten so bogged down that they can no longer use it as a "Democrats are weak on National Security" issue, but they need one of those for the election in 2008, so they're hoping to make a big debate about Iran for two years and then have, like they had in the 2002 midterms, a hypothetical war to claim as their own, rather than the messy real one that they used in 2004 and can't use now. This isn't Bush's Election Issue War. It's Condoleeza Rice's.


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